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Defending Against Denials, Exclusions and Claims outside your policy coverage.

Our Unique Umbrella Policy Reduces the Insured's Risk of Loss

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During the past decade, more and more insurance companies are denying claims and adding more exclusions.
This policy eliminates the exposure of tens of thousands of dollars or more in legal fees when a claim is denied or excluded.
Our policy defends the insured against exclusions, denials and claims outside your policy coverage. We provide an UNLIMITED defense through trial. There are no deductibles.
An insured never wants to encounter an unexpected expense. This policy will reduce the chances that the insured will incur potentially tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected legal fees
Many times an insured will blame their insurance agent when coverage is denied by the insurance company. With this policy, an insured will have the peace of mind that if coverage is denied or excluded, we will provide an attorney to defend the claim through trial.

When You Are Denied Coverage – We Are There to Defend You


Our unique umbrella policy is the first policy to be offered to commercial property owners that defends the insured against exclusions, denials and claims outside the policy coverage.
Atlantic Mutual is an authorized and admitted insurance company in the State of Florida.
This policy was created to eliminate the insured's risk of legal fees when a lawsuit or claim is denied or excluded from coverage.
Consider the following: During the past decade, more exclusions have been added to policies; lawsuits are filed everyday; legal fees continue to rise; when claims or lawsuits are filed, insureds are faced with a denial of coverage, Our cost effective policy solves this dilemma.
This policy gives an insured the peace of mind that if there is a denial of coverage or exclusion, we will provide an unlimited legal defense.


” I have served as our condo president for seven years. We had a lawsuit against the association and our insurance company denied coverage. We we forced to hire a private law firm to defend us. If we had this policy, we would have saved thousands of dollars in legal fees. ”

M. Tierney, Deerfield Beach, Florida.

“I have served as our HOA president for many years. Our association was involved in litigation and our insurance carrier said the claim was excluded. We spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. We look forward to when our agent offers this policy to our association”

M. Katz., Delray Beach, Florida.