When your insurance says no

We Say Yes!

Atlantic Mutual’s Legal Defense is legal protection that eliminates the risk of legal fees when your company is sued and denied coverage by your existing carrier.

We provide legal defense for Condominium and Homeowners Associations, Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Commercial Properties. 

Protection from Denials

Insurance policy exclusions are increasing, leaving property owners vulnerable to expensive lawsuits. Atlantic Mutual provides an unlimited legal defense all the way through trial with no deductible when your insurance carrier denies a claim.

A-Exceptional Financial Rating

A keystone feature of Atlantic Mutual’s reliable coverage is our financial stability. Atlantic Mutual has an A-Exceptional rating from a leading financial rating institution meaning that we will always be able to provide you the service we promised.


Atlantic Mutual has saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. With the average policy costing less than $1.25 per door, per month, you can’t afford not to carry this coverage.

What is Atlantic
Mutual Legal Defense?

Simply put, it’s rock-solid security you can rely on when your client’s
 insurance company denies a claim or packs in exclusions that can
leave them shouldering huge financial burdens.

Atlantic Mutual Legal Defense insurance is what you can count on
 to help fight back and protect yourself against exclusions and denials outside your policy coverage.

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